Apostolic Hub Paphos

The Lord is restoring an Apostolic hub back to Paphos in Cyprus where it all started with Paul and Barnabas being sent out to the Nations. We need your prayer and relationship with you to make this happen again. By Faith we can see yet again a mighty end time harvest and have an Apostolic teaching and equipping base flowing out of Paphos once again to the Nations as in Acts 13.

Join us for a 1 week Apostolic Teaching and Equipping Training School.

Dates: April 21st–27th 2018 here in Paphos, Cyprus

Come and be part of a Pioneering, Apostolic School of Ministry to the Nations where your lives will be transformed by understanding the Acts 2 Apostolic Model which included the following: Discipleship, Evangelism, Deep Prayer, Worship, Fellowship, Friendship, and shared meals together. You will be impacted and challenged to rethink what you understand about Ekklesia and the Luke 10 Go Model that Jesus taught His disciples which lays the framework for believers today. We look forward very much to seeing you in April.

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Apostolic Hub Paphos

Start a simple home church or an apostolic hub in your place today and make it a house of prayer.

Our mission is to release potential pioneers, leaders & tentmakers into their calling and purpose through coaching, life-changing kingdom key training seminars, online church and live-webcasts. We want to train trainers who train other trainers!