Worldwide – These online church fellowships are places of refuge where we can be completely real and loved.  We strengthen each other through sharing and prayer so we can go back into the world, refreshed, as ambassadors for Christ.








Online Church – Freedom Online-Fellowships
Through video conferencing, we experience real group connectivity in our online church.  The groups are not bigger than 12 allowing everybody to take part and interact. Freedom Group Leaders facilitate the meetings.  The groups focus on encouragement, bible study, prayer, thanksgiving, deliverance, discipleship – whatever is needed for the group.  We connect people worldwide into fellowships where strong relationship with God and each other can grow.

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$99 – yearly subscription for the online church fellowships

$40 – 3 months trial for the online church fellowships

If you have any questions not answered about the online church fellowships below please ask.

Questions & Answers

How does an online church fellowship work technically?
An email will be sent to you which will have a link enabling you to connect up. Each person is able to see and hear the others. It works on PC, Mac, Tablet or Smartphone. The first time you use it you will be prompted to install a small bit of software (from a well known Video Conferencing provider) which enables the conferencing to work. If you use WI-FI be close to the router.

How many people will attend?
A maximum of 12. After this, the groups will divide.

Who will lead the group?
The groups will be lead by experienced Christians who aim to meet the qualifications of an elder as prescribed in Timothy and Titus. The responsibility of the leaders will be to ensure that no-one dominates the group and to encourage quiet people to contribute.

What will the group do?
The time will taken up with prayer, getting to know each other, bible study and supporting each other through trials. Praise and worship will be encouraged verbally. Due to the delays on the software singing together does not work very well. Resources on the RCP website can be used for topical Bible studies.

Do you break bread together?
Yes, each person would provide their own bread and wine.

Can we meet up locally?
Yes as numbers grow in your locality we would hope and expect that they would become on-site micro churches. Some people in remote areas will particularly benefit from remaining on-line.

Freedom Online Church


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