1. Prayer groups:
  2. Guenther Hess Ministry overview (upon request)
  3. RCP Introduction presentation (upon request)
  4. Radio broadcast PDF (1 page / 2 parts outline a) prayer team b) go or practitioner team) see below
  5. Country Coordinator PDF
  6. Personal assistant job description PDF (upon request)
  7. Getting Started PDF (4 legs of a table) see below
  8. Teaching material:
  9. Home church practicalities (see resources link)
  10. PDF Final Webinar – Luke 10 House to House Multiplication (not publicly available)
  11. Description Apostolic HUB Paphos
  12. 14 Webinars Video Replays “House church meets prayer movement”
  13. Articles about online prayer, Apostolic Hubs, Discipleship
  14. Presentation for new members of an online prayer group (GSW upon request)
  15. 10 Questions: Are you a person of peace?
  16. Book Shared Vision from Günther Hess
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