Keys To The Kingdom of God

One Disciple – KINGDOM KEY Schools

Kingdom Empowerment for You. Schools are 2-5 days of training which are very flexible depending on local possibilities and needs.

Our most important goals are to:

  • birth new ministries
  • empower disciples
  • do signs and wonders
  • train disciples to tell people about Jesus
  • bring freedom through deliverance
  • start home-based fellowships and apostolic hubs

We aim for children to be an important part of the training by including them in a fun way so that everyone can participate.

KEY schools are very practical – people often do things for the first time.

We would welcome an invitation to run a KEY school at your church.

We will also be offering the training in Cyprus for those who are able to come.

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Program examples:

  • Prophetic training
  • Birthing ministries
  • Fellowship with the Holy Spirit
  • Finding the person of peace
  • Easy Evangelism
  • Luke 10 house church planting
  • Discipleship Day
  • What is a healthy church / healthy ecclesia

Advanced Training

  • How to plant a home-based fellowship
  • How to start an Apostolic Hub
  • How do I link my home based fellowship to an Apostolic hub

Blessings, Günther Hess

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