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Weekends are Family  and Home Church Time

“Greet the church that meets at her house.”

Paul wrote this to Nympha and the Christian church in Κολοσσαί
(Colossae, Col 4:15). Like them we are simple Christians, praying together, experiencing how God improves our lives. Like Nympha we are simply meeting in our homes.

We love God, His word, singing and fellowship.

Little Boats in the Harbour

We have served Christians and the community in Paphos for 9 years. As in the picture above: there are storms in our lives. How wonderful is it that Jesus said: “Where there are 2 or 3 gathered in my name, I will be among them.” We are a little boat trusting in Jesus.

The Paphos Home Churches meet in different private houses in the Paphos area. The groups are inter-denominational and open for everyone.

Mesa Chorio – Tuesday 10 am

Kato Paphos – Thursday 6 pm

Outreach – Sunday 11 am

Come on board our little boat. We love to meet new people and to have new friends.

We are part of the Christian family worldwide. We have an evangelical background. The statement of faith from the Evangelical Alliance gives a broad understanding of fellowship between Christians and the Christian faith. We value the kind spirit and the fundamental truths in this statement.

When the waves get bigger in your life we are here to pray

If you have problems we would be happy to pray for you. From the Bible we know – and have seen it in our lives – that Jesus really does touch lives and families.


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Apostolic Hub Paphos

Start a simple home church or an apostolic hub in your place today and make it a house of prayer.

Our mission is to release potential pioneers, leaders & tentmakers into their calling and purpose through coaching, life-changing kingdom key training seminars, online church and live-webcasts. We want to train trainers who train other trainers!