Acts 1: Take Off Your Shoes

The New Year is upon us. So, I am wondering what is to come as we cross over. What if I were there with the one hundred twenty in Acts 1, as they crossed over in the days before Pentecost? Would I be amongst those kneeling, head down, trying to pray with the same mind and heart as the person next to me? Or would I be distracted, looking up at the clouds, wondering if He would come back down, and life would be back to normal? But normal wasn’t His plan.

Nowadays, when I join our online prayer group, I give up my desire to peer into the heavenlies, looking for Him to bring my life back to what I’ve already experienced. That’s more like it! Predictable!

What if I looked at them as if their heads were flaming fire, babbling coming out of their mouths the wonderful works of God? I might even hear their testimonies in my native tongue. That’s the way it happened then with the 120—our prototype of the Promise––the Baptism in the Holy Spirit.

Years ago, we were standing on Holy Ground when that happened, minus the flames.  A message spoken in tongues but heard in English. No one stood outside our house in bewilderment wondering if we were drunk. It was just the Helper and a few people at small group, who had allowed Him to tame their tongues in the Spirit language. He’s come in many variegated ways since then. It’s never normal.

That’s what happens when we are of one mind and heart, as they were in Acts 1. Soon they were to look at one another through wind and fire. Take off your shoes. It’s time to wait.

Joyce E. McLain, author

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