Our American experience – Holy Fire

4 Weeks in the USA – My strongest journey for God

4 Weeks in the USA – My Strongest Journey for God

Prayer changes everything. The journey has literally been planned through prayer down to the smallest detail.  A Rapidchurchplanting online prayer team prayed daily for my 4 weeks in the USA for 5 months. It was life-changing for me and everyone that Steven, the Country Coordinator for the USA, and I came into contact with. Here is an attempt to describe the depth and breadth. The best thing is that you can implant yourself in these experiences and enjoy the fruits together with us. Read more in the last part:  

  • Established by God: Before we even came, Jesus had already spoken in strong visions with people about me and my role in the Kingdom. What a good father I have!

  • HIS message confirmed: The main message in America was “Come and Go” and home based Kingdom fellowships. After a meeting, a church planter came up to us in tears and said: “This morning the Holy Spirit woke me up at 5am and said “Come and Go” to me over and over again. I didn’t know what that meant.

  • Holy fire is coming: On my birthday someone took me to Jamestown. What a privilege to be planted in this germ cell of the USA that day.  As I stood at the site of the first church in America, the Holy Spirit spoke very strongly to me: “I give you Holy Fire, but do not defile it with sin.

  • Take care of the new baby. “Mary, you have found grace.” And God speaks these words to us today. God is bringing a new movement. Acts 4 is the blueprint of this movement. The church prays to reach new people with great boldness. Then the earth trembles. Their prayer in verse 31 is: “Perform signs and miracles through the name of the child Jesus.” Our prayer will shake the world. Worldwide God calls His children to prepare the great end-time revival of the HOLY SPIRIT in prayer.

Besides there were many other experiences: 8 federal states, 4000 miles driven, telephoned Miss Brazil, many deliverances and inner healings, people found Jesus, churches renewed, new individual callings, prayer groups established for  unreached people groups, deep friendship made …

WHAT NOW:  God will give us 120 new intercessors for the Rapidchurchplanting online prayer groups, just like Acts 1 everything started with 120 intercessors.

Are you one of the 120? If so, I will be happy to put you in touch with Steven, who coordinates our prayer groups worldwide. Send me an email here.

What happens when you pray online:

  • You can join one of our pray teams immediately

  • You will receive an introductory training on the vision of Rapidchurchplanting

  • You get prayer contact to our go-teams (see below)

  • You will get access to our bi-weekly online training sessions on Mondays.

  • As team members we celebrate the biblical festivals together throughout the year.

  • Members of online prayer teams have the opportunity to become part of our Online Practitioner Teams (support group for members who plant home based Kingdom groups onsite in their neighbourhooods).

  • You will have the opportunity to come to our Apostolic Hub Cyprus conferences in Paphos, where Apostle Paul made his first missionary journey.

  • Faithful members of online prayer groups get the opportunity to join us on our exciting team trips. It’s all about starting home based Kingdom communities and starting multiplying discipleship movements like in Acts.

    Here’s what I said about the Rapidchurchplanting PRAY and GO-TEAMS on radio shows I did in the USA:

  • Who are we: People who carry the Lord’s vision for shifting from the Church Age to the Kingdom Age, one expression is Apostolic PRAY & GO Teams across the globe

  • What are we praying for?
    10,000 new home based fellowships, worldwide

  • What are we doing in an online prayer group

    • Praying for ourselves and one another

    • Praying for the nations, local governments and families, unreached people in local communities as well as for unreached people groups worldwide

  • How we do it  

    • The Holy Spirit is demonstrating how to interact in an international online prayer community, that is unique

    • He is demonstrating how to flow in the Holy Spirit

    • He is demonstrating how to flow in the prophetic in practical ways,

  • The go-and-pray teams function as one

    • e.g. Israel, USA, Bulgaria, Congo, Wales, Finland, Germany, Turkey, Albania, Cyprus, Greece, etc.

  • What does it look like

    • interactive video chat online prayer where we see and speak to one another

Send me an email here, you will receive a link for the online prayer group.

Let’s pray for the new baby together!