Testimony Joyce: Online Prayer – Come Into the Circle

After I took the deliverance webinar from the Apostolic HUB ministry, I was asked to meet with their international online prayer group. That was November of 2017.

Online prayer

Since I joined the circle of happy intercessors, I feel like a slumberer awakened from the fog. I’ve heard God’s voice for many years, but this is different. To be with several beautiful people so focused on specific topics — a pastor in need of refreshing, a country in need of revival, the individual care extended to folks who pop on for the half hour––my heart is full of glory!

I love listening prayer. In case you haven’t experienced it, I liken it to sitting in a circle and passing a ball back and forth. Here sits one who is so foundational–solid. Perhaps they are leading the meeting. Here sits another, a seer, someone who wouldn’t stand out in the world, but a person whose spirit gleans God’s heart for our time together. Here sits another one (me) who catches the ball from the seer, that dreamer–– and adds more to the vision. Then it’s quiet between us. That’s ok. I think God enjoys it too.

I can almost hear the little motors humming along while everyone sums up what we have heard on our online prayer web cam. Then several pray that revelation. How nice to know He’s warned us as we venture to another country: “Don’t be thin-skinned. When you are watering, be gentle with the spray. Ps. 17:8. Everything is in place. We simply need to follow the guidelines.” Good advice. Thank you, Papa.

––Joyce E. McLain, author
Aiyana Exceeding Small

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