Testimony Paulette: Experiencing Online Church And Online Prayer

Have you ever thought to yourself, ‘where am I in the scheme of things’? Where do I fit in God’s plan for my life? What is it that the Lord wants me to achieve over the next 12 months? Perhaps you feel lonely and isolated or you feel there is no one around you who truly knows what is inside your heart and your burning desire to achieve something for the Kingdom of God, to fulfill your destiny.

Online Church

Well, one thing I have discovered is that you can come through that loneliness and isolation, feeling trapped and hemmed in. What I discovered is Online Church, each week over the Internet. It is very simple, even for me who had only just recently learned how to correctly send an email or respond to something off the internet like Zoom that I access by a link on my email.

Online Prayer and Fellowship

I had not long lost my husband, perhaps only 6 months, and that was 3 years ago now when a friend suggested I listen to some webinars on evangelism by Gunther Hess. He talked about meeting in homes and finding the man or woman of peace. This was followed by another webinar on deliverance. I started to listen and felt connected with others like myself who needed more teaching and help on these subjects. What I didn’t expect was actually live interaction and being able to share myself on Zoom as a participant which later led to online prayer and fellowship with other believers across the world. 

Purpose in life – Spokes of an Apostlic Hub

Instead of remaining stuck in my bereavement I began to hope again that I had purpose in life and that I was not alone here in Cyprus with no support. The vision God gave me and my husband was now beginning to come into being after years of waiting and with Gunther coming to Cyprus to help birth an Apostolic Hub here and gather a team around him who were so very different and just ordinary people but brought together by the Holy Spirit.  We were then mentored and began to move in our own individual callings which brought together formed a strong bond of fellowship and love and respect for one another.

Sharing our hearts, praying together online

Sharing our hearts, praying together online, gives everyone an opportunity to share, grow together and use their gifts. This has given me confidence and we now have had teams come together in person that first corresponded online and we have been on mission together to other countries encouraging the believers and starting new house churches where they, in turn, do exactly what we have been doing so we share in the work together. 

It is very exciting to see that meeting together online as God’s people has given purpose and a fresh new outlook on life to myself and others as we have come out of our own old mindsets and habits and I encourage any of you reading this article, that if you want more in your life, give it a go, sign up and join an online church group. Please see the contact details below. God bless you. 

From Paulette

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